Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Conversations with Family

You remember my son Michael, right? Extremely intelligent 16 year old, that has a summer intern job working with electron microscopes? Yes, that's the one.

So, my husband wanted to wash the car. We went to one of those drive through places and he took his radio antenna off and put it in the back seat. Michael picks up the antenna and "knights" me with it. Plays around a little more, and then we hear:

Michael: Ow! Ow! The antenna is stuck in my hair!
Us: You put the antenna in your hair?
Michael: Yes! Ow, ow!
Us: (laughing)

Michael gets the antenna out of his hair (at the cost of a few strands) and all is quiet. For about 30 seconds. Then I hear:

Michael (thoughtfully): I wonder what would happen if I stuck this end in here...

And that my friends, is the difference between intelligence and wisdom :)


  1. Cute story. I wish my 5 year old would learn that lesson. Especially when it concerns peanut butter.

  2. @Piedmont Writer: At 5, I'd still have hope that he could develop wisdom. At 16, I'm pretty sure that he won't be developing it for the next 30 years or so :)

  3. Hee! I enjoyed reading this. :)


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