Dewsberry Drink

Most of California's roughly 2,400 lakes are man made. Dewsberry Drink is no exception. It's a 250 acre synthetic lake/reservoir that was created in 1923. Because of the East Nile virus and mosquito problem, it's in danger of being drained.

Well, that's not true. A real estate developer wants to drain it, so he can build more houses on more land. He'll leave a tiny pond behind, so some of the houses can have "water front" property. He's using the East Nile virus and mosquito problem to get authorization to drain Dewsberry Drink.

Except that there's something living in the lake. Something that even "Sape" Jones can't identify. And if Sape doesn't know what it is, it has to be a monster.

Sape's big problems are:
This year's Science Fair. Everyone at Royal Oak Middle School knows that Sape is the best at science, but he just can't seem to win the science fair.

A big brother that mostly ignores him. Which would be fine, except for the "mostly". Sometimes he notices Sape. And he knows Sape's real name!

Sape has to find a way to save the monster. But where will he find another body of water in Southern California to hide the monster? No where! So he'll have to find a way to stop the developer. With millions of dollars on the line, surely the developer wouldn't try something like killing Sape. Would he?

Finally, Sape's generally clueless parents are real estate agents. They've got a lot riding on this new development. Sape overheard them worrying about losing the house if the development doesn't come through.

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