Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dylan's tale

Dylan and his brother were just about two weeks old when they were found in a lawn mower. Dylan was named after the little boy that found the kittens and turned them over to Lily at Cats At The Studios.

He came to our house on Friday (my day off), and our two cats were Not Pleased to have small kitten with belled collar running around the house. Now we knew Pooka, our 11 year old cat, wouldn't like this, but I was pretty sure that Morgan, our 1 year old cat, would come to love the new kitten. I assured my husband that in two weeks everything would be fine and the two of them would be playing together.

Both cats hissed and growled at Dylan, and he received at least one thump from each of them on Friday. He didn't cry, so we knew no claws were used. He seemed fine, though his puzzled expression seemed to say, "What is this hissing thing you speak of?" (Since he was a bottle fed baby, he's not as aware of cat rules and language as a mother raised kitten would be.)

On Saturday, we took his belled collar off, and the cats seemed to instantly accept him. (Well, Pooka would still rather he stay off her couch.) Now he and Morgan are playing together, climbing the cat tree together, sleeping together (sometimes) and even grooming each other.

The cat tree has a story, but that's for another day.

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