Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rebecca's Lucky Day

For the possible WiP that has the hook "On the day she got kidnapped, Rebecca was wearing her lucky jeans." I think I have something more. I think Rebecca is either a stage magician or a professional tarot card reader.

Fortunately, I've done both, so the research isn't an issue.
It's definitely modern era. Either an adventure or a murder mystery. I love mysteries, so that might be fun.

Speaking of which, Editor Devil had a link to 20 Rules for Writing Detective Stories. I can't help but note that Agatha Christie broke every single one of those rules, and except for two (Murder On the Orient Express and 10 Little Indians) I don't think it worked for her. Just goes to show that no matter how big you are, sometimes you should still follow the rules.


  1. I think magician ties in better with the lucky jeans, so I'm leaning that way myself :)


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