Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Danger of Silence

You know how when the kids are quiet, that is when they're getting into the most trouble? Or (for those of you that are kidless, or have kids that never get into trouble) you know how in movies they say, "It's quiet." "Yeah, too quiet." and that's when the attack begins?

What they all mean is that there is danger in silence. Lately, my internal critic has been silent. Too silent.

Of course, I haven't done any real writing in weeks, either. I tell myself I'm doing research for my next WiP, or that the minor editing I'm doing before sharing the next chunk of work with my crit group is writing. But today I realized that my internal critic has just found a new way to distract me from writing. And since writing is my Patented Pending All Time Magical Cure for Depression and Other Troubles, not writing for weeks is Very Bad.

So, I printed out my 400+ page book, and I've scheduled this weekend (a three day weekend for me) for editing. I'm setting up a schedule and goals, which is very different from the kind of floating with no time table that I've been doing.



  1. That silence thing applies to puppies. I know from experience.

  2. It probably works with everything. I can imagine a mother tree someplace, saying, "Those saplings are too quiet. I wonder what they're up to."

  3. That inner critic is either too noisy or too quiet. I don't think it is ever satisfied.

    Good luck with the editing.


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