Penny's Luck

I think Penny is going to be a stage magician. There was a story a few years ago about David Copperfield (I think) getting mugged. The muggers didn't get anything from him, because he kept palming his money and cell phone as he moved them from pocket to pocket to show he didn't have anything.

Her lucky jeans may actually be jeans that are rigged for magic work. Hidden pockets and hidden stuff. (Though what she might do with doves, playing cards, silk scarves and pop up flowers is anybody's guess.)

Probably going to be set in Las Vegas.

Now, the crux of the matter. If Penny is kidnapped (and the hook says she is), then why?

1. Someone wants something (like money) and thinks kidnapping Penny will get it for them. Rich family? Rich lover? Aunt that's a judge and possibly will declare a mistrial if her beloved niece is kidnapped?

2. The stupid kidnappers think Penny is someone else. Penny then must get away from them and find this someone else and warn her. Possible humor with stupid kidnappers.

3. A pervert wants Penny for his own nefarious purposes.

4. A rival wants Penny out of the way temporarily, because they're up for the same gig.

5. Penny is in the wrong place at the wrong time, sees something she shouldn't, and the bad guys decide to kidnap her (instead of kill her?)

I'll keep working on these reasons, till I come up with something good.