Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Things you may not know about me

10. I have prosopagnosia (face blindness).
9. I'm 6'3". On occasion I have accidentally scared people with my height.
8. I'm incredibly shy. "Painfully shy" isn't just an expression. I have no trouble speaking in front of large groups.
7. I cry at Flintstone's vitamin commercials.
6. My purse is purple. My phone is purple. Most of my shirts are purple. My favorite color is-green.
5. I can only start reading a new book when I don't have work the next day.
4. I read "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" in one day (see number 5).
3. I've been a professional tarot card reader.
2. I started writing about Troll Wife because of the perfume "Byzance by Rochas".
1. I was almost (and accidentally) a bigamist.


  1. Wow number one made my eyebrows shoot up ;p And green is my fav colour too! The first gift Glenn brought me was a set of tarot cards, they're stunning and I do a reading about once every six months - I use a book though cause I haven't got round to memorising them ;p

  2. Okay, wow, you're 6'3"?
    When I wear purple my eyes turn green. When I wear green my eyes turn purple (violet). They're actually hazel.
    I used to read Tarot cards too. I've been thinking about going back to it.
    And I would love to hear the story about how you almost accidentally became a bigamist.

  3. How I Almost (Accidentally) Became a Bigamist

    After my first husband and I split up, we decided not to actually file for divorce until one or the other of us wanted to get married.

    Eventually, I decided I wanted to get married. I filed for divorce. They told me it would be done in December. I made my wedding arrangements for March.

    When we applied for the marriage license, it said if you'd gotten a divorce in the past two years, you had to supply a divorce decree. I called up my lawyer (Legal Action Workshop) and asked for a copy of my decree. They said "Oops. We forgot to file some paperwork. You're not actually divorced yet."

    So, LAW is not a place I'd recommend for divorces! (If we had done this when we first separated, I wouldn't have asked for the decree because it would have been more than two years, and I would never have known I wasn't divorced.)

  4. wow, you really have Prosopagnosia? that is so fascinating!
    Also, i too read HP #7 in one day. I worked at B&N at the time, got home at midnight, started it and had finished it by the time i had to go back to work at 2 pm the next day.
    And then i started it over.

  5. Prosopagnosia means never having to say your sorry. (Because you don't know who you're talking to!)

    Joking, but barely. I've almost told my husband that he can't sit next to me in the theater, because I didn't realize it was him. I waved at some child and then walked on past him because I didn't realize it was my son! (Fortunately, they both understand. My son has it, too.)


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