Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Conversations with Family

We'd just finished buying pet supplies and I closed the trunk, while my husband and son got in the car. The trunk popped open again, and I closed it. It happened again. And again. Finally it stopped popping open and I got in the car.

My husband said, "I'm sorry, the release button got stuck and it just kept popping the trunk."
Me: "I thought you were messing with me."
Him: "No, I value my testicles too much."
Son (finally noticing one word in the conversation): "What are you saying about testicles?"

Later, after teasing my husband about various things:

Him: "You know what? I was messing with you. Retroactively."
Me: "I hope you enjoyed your testicles while you had them."
Him: "I'm sleeping in chain mail speedos."
Son: "That would chafe."

Yes, we have conversations like this all the time. (Ok, maybe not about testicles.)

My son loves his new job, even if he is working near Uranium 238 (which he assures me is the bad kind, to which I think, "There's a good kind?"). He says his big problem is that one of the guys he's working with isn't psychic. Evidently having conversations with me has spoiled my son for having conversations in the real world :)


  1. ..chain mail speedos.. don't see those working so well for swimming ;p

  2. Or else you develop really strong swimming muscles :)

  3. I love that - your son's big problem is the guy he works with isn't psychic! I think I have the same problems myself at times. :)

  4. i love that your son perked up with the testicles. Sounds like my brother

  5. @ Jayne

    Me, too! I love the fact that my son is working near radioactive material, but that's not even on his radar as a problem :)

  6. @ Falen

    I think it's a teenager thing. (He's 16, but just turned into a teenager in the past month.)

  7. That was awesome. Thanks for the laugh.

  8. @ Jolene,

    My husband and son are very funny and they like to make me laugh. Sometimes they have competions about who can make me laugh the most. They also rate my laughs on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how much of my body moves while laughing. (Foot stomping is an automatic 10.)


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