Thursday, July 22, 2010

Books on Writing

Steven King's "On Writing" is my favorite book on writing. It's mostly autobiographical, but even that shows information about writing. My favorite quote is, "Once you've had a 200 pound babysitter hold you down and fart in your face, a New York Times critic holds no fear."

I wish Joss Whedon would write a book about writing. Except for the way he handles love stories, I love the way he sets up story arcs. I've tried studying it, but all I can remember is the double reverse. (That's where the Big Bad at the start isn't the same person as the Big Bad at the end. And yes, you can guarantee that I'll be using the double reverse in just about everything I write.)

I'd also love Dean Koontz to write a book about writing. I love the way he mixes horror, hope, and humor. My favorite of his books also cause you to feel pity for the Big Bad. (I'm trying for that, too.)

So guys, get going and write those books!


  1. oooh what's your favorite koontz book? Mine are Phantoms and Watchers.

    I love on writing, both for the writing and the autobiography. A joss whedon book would be awesome.

  2. Hey Suzi,

    Koontz did write a book on writng years ago which is out of print. How to Write Best-Selling Fiction by Dean Koontz, It was GREAT!

  3. @Falen

    That's a good question. Watchers, of course. The Odd Thomas books (well, most of them, anyway), the Chris Snow books (I think that's the Moolight Bay series, but it could be Moonlit Bay). I also find myself re-reading "By the Light of the Moon" a lot.

  4. @Bill

    Rats! I'm too late to the party again! Maybe now that a lot of his older stuff is being resurected, that will come back too?

  5. I so want to read that book. must have a hunt for it

  6. @Nicole

    I don't know if it's geographically compatible or worth it, but Amazon had a used (hardcover) copy. Shipping from America would probably suck.


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