Troll Maid lives in a library in a small city in Southern California. She lives about 10 minutes away from the ice cream store. 10 minutes away from the theater. In fact, she lives about 10 minutes away from everything, because that's just the kind of city Covina is.

Some destinations you'll want to see are the Troll Library. Located on Badillo, it is instantly recognizable by the tree that's growing into the street. In fact, the street dodges around it. In a world where trees are cut down to make way for the streets, it's nice to have faeish folk on the city council protecting trees.

You'll definitely want to visit the Covina library. That's where Troll Maid lives. Don't expect to recognize her, because she'll be wearing her glamour. She might look like a librarian, or just one of the many visitors. (But if you like, you can look under the stairs. If you see a stone statue, then you know Troll Maid has been injured and is using the power of her stone form to heal.)

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