Wednesday, July 7, 2010

genre: Please Don't Be Paranormal Romance

I have a new WiP on my "works in progress" list on my blog. The tentative title is "The Selkie Lover". (I hate that title, so it will undoubtedly change.) The genre is "Please Don't Be Paranormal Romance".

Now, I have nothing against Paranormal Romance. In fact, some of my current favorite books are PR or could fall into that genre, even though they're being marketed as Urban Fantasy or Steampunk or whatever. The reason I'm don't want this story to be paranormal romance is that I don't know how to write love stories.

The love story aspect to "The Selkie Lover" is paramount. (And, since it doesn't have a Happily Ever After, I guess it can't be classed as a romance.) That being said, I have avoided writing this story for years, because it's a love story written from the point of view of the man (selkie), and I don't have the skills to write this. Yet.

But, since the story won't go away, I've decided to add it to the list. The bottom of the list :)

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  1. hey, there's nothing wrong with adding it to the list!


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