Monday, August 2, 2010

Self Care Prompt

Over at Shrinking Violet Promotions ("Marketing for Introverts" which is the most compelling part for me, since I am a major introvert) they have a couple of prompts for today. My favorite one is the Self Care Prompt:

What are the five coolest things people have said about your writing? Write them down, then print them out and put them someplace where you can see them every day.

I know what mine are, and I'll put them up later, but I'd like to ask you. What are some of the best things that people have said to you about your writing?


  1. someone once told me i should write a play since my dialogue was so great and i thought that was a pretty great compliment

  2. I submitted to an agent who only accepts unpublished authors and after she read my first chapter she emailed me back and told me so. I responded, "I'm not published. This is my first novel."
    She wrote back that she thought one of her friends was playing a joke on her, and that I wrote like a multi-published author. I still have the email. Probably always will. :)

  3. Wow, that's a good one. A keeper for sure!


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