Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Best Compliment(s) Ever

Here are some of the best compliments I've ever gotten on my writing. You'll notice most of them are from my son. He is my alpha reader, so has had more chance to read my stuff than anyone else. I also believe his compliments. (When other people compliment me, I tend to discount it with "They're only being polite" or some such thing.)

Anyway, here are my favorite compliments:

I read a scene snippet to my son and he said "Mommy, you are so good at writing stories that when you write them, it just makes people want to read more."
That was the nicest compliment I'd ever gotten in my life, and I told him so :)

I read him a haiku that I'm doing for the writing dare. He said "I don't like it. I love it!" and then added "Of course, I love everything you write."

My son shyly told me that he likes to imagine my book getting published. 

No compliment will ever mean more to me than when my son was reading my story and said, "Dang it, Mommy, you made me forget I'm a human. Again!"

In reading my story to my writer's group, I mentioned that someone smelled like "fern seed". When I was done, another writer mentioned that ferns don't have seeds, they have spores. I said, "I know, but fern seed is in ingredient in spells of invisibility". He wasn't aware of that. I assured him that if you Google "fern seed" one of the results will mention that it's used in spells of invisibility. Another writer had the internet up and googled "fern seed". The first result mentioned "used in spells of invisibility". We all laughed and another writer said, "Never say Suzi doesn't do her research".


Thank you for posting a comment! I know that sounds a little needy, and maybe it is. I mean, I don't need comment validation to know that I exist, right? But I like to know that someone else (maybe you?) has read what I wrote and felt moved enough to reply. So, thank you.