Thursday, June 17, 2010

new house, new noises

(Side note, if I can think of a good hook, I'm writing a haunted house story. However, I will probably never be able to write one as creepy as The Dionaea House.)

There are a bunch of fireworks going off outside. We just moved into this house in November, so I haven't had a 4th of July here yet, and no way to gauge what "normal" is for this area.

The fireworks tell me that either the Lakers won the basketball game, or it's a lot closer to the 4th than I realized.

(Checks news.) Ah, the Lakers won.

(Check calendar.) Ah, it's a lot closer to the 4th than I realized.

Still no clue what's normal. Come to think of it, that pretty much describes my life.


  1. *checks calendar* AH! It really is closer to the 4th than I realized! *faints from shock*

    What is normal? That is a good question that I shall be pondering for a large portion of my life.

  2. What's normal? Besides, 'normal' is generally overrated.

    We leave next week for a long vacation to coastal let me wish you a Happy 4th of July now. :)


  3. Yup, in our family "weird" is a compliment. One day at school, someone told me son he was weird and my son said "thank you". (We're weird, but we're polite.) The guy looked at him and said, "That wasn't a compliment you know". My son looked back at him and said, "Not to you".


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