Monday, June 14, 2010

The fact is, I'm scared

I've been working on my Troll Wife story for six years. Now, technically, four of those years don't count, because I stopped writing during those years. I didn't stop thinking about writing (in general) and Troll Wife (in particular), but I just didn't do any writing. (No, it wasn't writer's block.)

This year, I'm determined to finish this revision. But I'm scared. I look at the subplots that have gotten moved around and are out of order, and I'm just overwhelmed. I know that Troll Wife has to get the cream before Thor Thunderfist gets attacked. I know that Troll Wife doesn't find out he's being shunned until after he's been attacked. I know that Brux has to be attacked before Thor Thunderfist. I'm pretty sure that chapter four is too late to introduce the villain. If Brux is getting attacked while the Troll Wife is meeting with the elvish queen, then Troll Wife should be shot after that, but she can't be walking normally when Thor is attacked.

Normally, I love solving puzzles and fixing things. What is going on here? What is so scary about this? If I just chop it up into individual scenes, and lay them out in order like a linear puzzle, I should be able to do fix this.

I need timeline help. And someone to tell just listen while I sort out the problems and cry bitter tears.


  1. It's scary because it's finished. After this edit, you're done with it and ready to query. It's like sending your child off to college.

    Go through the book and write each scene down on a 3x5 index card. Move them around, see what's what. Sarah at Falen Formulates Fiction had a great post on this, with pictures!, that was absolutely fantastic and helped more than one of us with our own work. If I can find the post I'll send you a link.

  2. I'd love to see the link, if you can find it. I'll do some searching, too. And I'll take another look at Holly Lisle's One Pass Revision, too.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi! i wandered over here, read this post and was going to suggest scene blocking but piedmont beat me to it! (she's really on the ball)

    here's the first link

    and here's another one

    Also i know some people scene block on white boards which i think is a GENIUS idea and would totally steal it if had room for one.

    scene blocking really helped me get a focus on what scenes were fluid and could be moved and which ones were more rigid within the plot.

    Good luck!

  4. I'd write out your plot as detailed as possible. Thats how I plan it :)

  5. Hi Falen and thanks for the links. I started this story with notecards, so working with them to wrap this story up will be a perfect book end :)

  6. Hi Nicole, and thank you for the suggestion! Details are good :)


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