Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Which I Lure People

A few months ago, I finally lured my husband into getting a Kindle. He'd always despised them as "soulless" but he was going to Texas for a few days and needed to take several new books with him. The Kindle is nothing if not a perfect travel solution for carrying many books. He was hooked and now reads both real books and Kindles books, but finds the Kindle (with its adjustable font) to be easier on his eyes. Win!

This weekend, I tried to talk him into getting a Droid. He got this close to getting one, but decided against it. Lose. (But only of round one. I will get him into a smart phone one of these days, then it will be a Win!)

As someone who started out blogging over at LiveJournal and then (after many years) switched to Blogger, I've been an advocate for Blogger for some time (except for their lack of threaded comments). My friend BuildingALife (over at LJ) has finally come to the darkside Blogger and start a new blog for the new phase in her life. Please welcome ICountWords to the blogger verse! (Not really a Win, since I wasn't trying to get her to switch, but we'll pretend it's a Win, because it's more fun that way :)


  1. You can put it in your win pile, thought I'm not sure how much of a win it really is. Convince me to get a kindle and you can count that as a super win, as that will never ever happen.

  2. When my Dad wanted to get my daughter a Kindle as a gift, I asked him to get her a Nook instead since that was compatible with our library. Naturally, my daughter has refused to link up with the library because she doesn't want to give back the books.

    The one time I read on a Kindle, I got a migraine. Sorry. Don't think you'll get a win from me, with my easily distressed nervous system.

  3. Just wanted to inform you I gave you an award on my blog:). All your posts have been fun, so you've earned it.


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