Monday, April 18, 2011

In Which I am Back From The Dead

No, I'm not a zombie, though the side effects from the meds I got probably made me resemble one. But, as with most things, those side effects have diminished and I'm actually able to stay awake for 12 hours at a time :)

Randy is also doing better. The antibiotics took a while to knock his tooth infection back, but they're finally getting results.

I have not been writing. I'm sort of letting the Monster of Dewsberry Drink story brew. It needs some more plot points, more depth, before I start writing. (I learned during Troll Wife that adding those extra layers in after writing the basic story make editing a bit a terrible experience.)

I thought long and hard before posting this next part, but decided to do it anyway.

My ex husband is having his funeral on May 2nd. That may have something to do with my lack of writing, too. Michael picked out his funeral clothes while we were at Target on Sat. Black pants, a black shirt with a woven black stripe, a grey vest and a purple tie. I think his dad would have approved :) I have yet to get my funeral clothes.

On the off chance that you know Michael or me personally, or knew Bernie, please consider yourself invited to the funeral. Email me for time and location.

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