Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Which I Am Thankful

I just wanted to thank everyone that helped me polish my twitter pitch, especially Bethany (who pointed out I didn't need to waste characters on the word "female"), Girl Friday (who did the heavy lifting of removing extra words and capturing the alienation that my troll feels), and A.B. Fenner (who brought the whole thing home and in under 140 characters).

Thank you all for helping me out. And thank you to everyone that shared their pitches on line. Being able to look at other pitches and see what caught me and what didn't was educational in learning how to shape my pitch.

Even better, reading how other people felt about a given pitch, and seeing how much of it was all just a matter of taste was ego balming :)

And I'm so happy (and proud) that we really helped each other, even though helping others meant they had a better chance of winning the contest. Writers are awesome!


  1. Your pitch looks great, Suzi, and good luck to you in the contest! Thanks for your help on mine, too! :D

  2. Yours is great, with an excellent example of voice. Now that this one is done, I'm going to work on voice for my next Twitter pitch :)


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