Monday, May 5, 2014

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries episode 78

Gigi Darcy is fully on board with Team "Dizzie". While Lizzie is shadowing Darcy's company "Pemberley Digital", Gigi orchestrates a meeting between Lizzie and Darcy. And by "orchestrates" I mean, she drags them into a room together and closes the door.

Darcy has come up to SF from LA for a board meeting. He knows that Lizzie is shadowing his company, and must either hope or dread the fact that they will undoubtedly run into each other. It's clear that Darcy has made an effort to be less selfish. He asks how she is and waits for her answer. He offers to drive her to a dinner meeting she has, but respects her refusal.

His hair is more casual than we've seen before, almost curly. Lizzie and Darcy are both wearing a dark blue. He's showing his emotions a bit more, and yes, there's the red tie. They also indicate their connection by saying the same thing at the same time, a couple of times.(Note to self, use that technique.)

While Lizzie is becoming more flexible in her thinking of Darcy, she's also uncomfortable with the things she's said about him in her past videos. This is going to be an issue for her for a while longer.

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