Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lizzie Bennet Diaries episode 60

A few weeks ago, I discovered "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries". For some reason, I thought they were a tv series. I love Pride and Prejudice, so I decided to see if the DVDs were available, which is when I discovered they were a YouTube series :)

There are some nuances that I see in this series, and I wanted to talk about them, so I turned back to my (long unused) blog :)

We don't even see/meet Darcy until episode 60. Until then, we only get Lizzie's opinions about him, with a dash of opinions from Jane, Charlotte, and Lydia. Lizzie believes him to be stuck up, arrogant, selfish, robotic, and, well, you get the idea.

In episode 60, Darcy declares his love for Lizzie. But the kind of love that Darcy has at this time, is a very selfish love. He doesn't think of Lizzie except how she's entirely inappropriate for him. Why do I think this? Because he's incredibly web savvy, (the CEO of his own digital company) and he has never once googled "Lizzie Darcy". When he walks in on her, she tries to make him leave, telling him this isn't a good time. He asks her if she's ok and she (obviously upset) says, "No". But he doesn't follow up on that. He doesn't express any interest in her feelings. He just wants to share his feelings.

There are many different kinds of love, and there are even different phases of love. Darcy has "selfish" love. His love of Lizzie only impacts him. He really doesn't care about her feelings. She tells him off and sends him packing.

Four things I see in this video.
Darcy is fairly robotic. He's an INTJ, he's nervous, and doing something new to him, and not doing it well. (I think Lizzie is INFJ.)
His hair is very precise, in keeping with the robot that Lizzie sees him as. (Did he comb it, just before he walked in to see her?)
He's wearing red. Unusual for a conservative business man (which is how he presents himself). Is this an unconscious reflection of Lizzie's red hair?
Lastly, the clothes that Lizzie and Darcy are wearing go together. They don't match, but they don't clash. I like to think that this is a symbolic hint that they "go together" more than Lizzie thinks they do.

The hair, the color red, and the clothes are symbols that I see repeated through the series.

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