Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Which I Have Thinks About Troll Wife

I have been giving some serious thought about my Troll Wife story. First, there are just too many people that only know the modern term of "wife". "Fish wife" and "ale wife" have disappeared from our language, and aren't likely to return, even if a troll runs around threatening everyone. :) I can't explain the term to every reader, and I'm afraid most readers (read agents) won't last long enough to get to her explanation of the term.

So, my first think is to call her something else. Troll Maid perhaps?

My second think is about the title. I'm toying with a subtitle. Something like, "My life beyond bridges, bouncers and bodyguards".

Lastly, I'm thinking about reworking her character. Don't get me wrong, I love Troll Wife and I love her story. I'm not going to change her age (19 in human years, 50 in troll years), but maybe I need to tweak her voice. Still snarky, defensive, but maybe remove some of the cynicism. I've met plenty of cynical 19 year old. Heck I am one (at least I'm 19 in my mind). But maybe she needs a more hopeful train of thought?

I'm not sure about this and I'm not going to start rewriting till I am sure. Why? Because in my experience, endless rewriting is easier to face than sending the story out in the world. I want to make sure that I'm rewriting for the right reasons. Fear and avoidance are not the right reasons :)

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