Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Which I Talk About Magic

Today I want to talk about magic. In my bio, I state that I am a "believer that the world holds more magic than most people notice". This is true. Today at work I was talking about magic, and one guy kept saying, "That's so cool, that's so cool" and I kept saying, "it's just the way things are". People talk about magical things that happen to them, as though they were rare events and fail to notice the thousand pieces of magic that are occurring around them all the time. Even me.

For a while I was active in something called "glamour bombing". It's the idea that you can create random events that will be magical in someone else's life. It's not about baking cookies and secretly leaving them for your neighbor, it's about leaving a fortune cookie style note, tucked in the bathroom mirror at work for one of your co-workers to find. Something that reminds them that there is magic in their life, even when they don't notice it, or reminds them that they are special. There are websites and LiveJournal groups dedicated to glamour bombing, sharing ideas, sharing stories, and arguing about whether or not something is a glamour bomb.

Today on Tales of a Writing Geek, I found this YouTube video which I wanted to share. It's part 3. If it touches you, I urge you to watch parts 1 and 2.


  1. I think most people don't recognize the magic around them. I hope I do, but I know there are days when I fail miserably...

  2. I think sometimes we are inclined to relegate magic to the realm of coincidence, but sometimes truly magical things do happen. I think "glamour bombing" is a wonderful idea!


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