Monday, August 8, 2011

In Which We Play Movie Games

t our house, we play a movie game called "Mom, guess what?!" Whenever we see a person has a tiny role in a movie or TV show (Dead Prostitute Number 1), we imagine the conversation the actor has with his/her mother.

"Mom! Guess what? After four years of studying and waiting on tables, I finally got a role on your favorite TV show!"
"Oh, congratulations honey! I'm so proud! Are you a new regular?"
"Well, are you a guest star?"
"Not exactly."
"Well, what are you playing?"
"Dead Prostitute Number 1!"
(pause) "Oh honey, I'm so happy for you!"

Today we were watching "Curiosity", and did a new one.
"I got a role on Curiosity!"
"Oh wonderful! Are you playing Dead Prostitute Number 1?"
"No, I'm playing Pope squished by ceiling!"
(pause) "Oh honey, I'm so happy for you!"

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