Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Which There Is A Micro Synopsis Contest

ontest time over at YAtopia! This is a micro synopsis contest (three sentence synopsis) and the prize is a full MS request from John Cusick of Scott Treimel. The contest ends August 11, so move quickly!

This was my three sentence synopsis for "Scratched".

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Group: YA (13-18)
Word Count: 83k

In the suburbs of Southern California, 17 year old Troll Maid is looking for a job beyond the traditional three B's (bridges, bodyguard or bouncer), yet one that is still open to trolls. The job she finds is protecting human children from Oubliette, a monster that can cause forgetfulness or death with a simple, poisonous scratch. When a human boy in her care is kidnapped, Troll Maid teams up with Oubliette to find him, and Troll Maid discovers that if you scratch a monster you may find a hero underneath.

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