Sunday, January 9, 2011

In Which I Turn Troll Wife Over to My Crit Group

Tomorrow I'm sending Troll Wife to my crit group. It's a rough draft, and it's rougher because I keep thinking of extra little things I want to add in, which causes continuity errors further along. So, when I hand it off to them, I hope they'll look for three things:

1. Oubliette was originally written as male. About halfway through the book, I changed Oubliette to female (decided the Dark Mother archetype was a better fit). Unfortunately, I am *still* finding "him" in the book. So, I hope they'll let me know if they find any "him" that should be "her".

2. Continuity errors in general. I've moved so many scenes around, that I have more continuity errors than I can find. My problem is that I know the story, so I have trouble picking them out.

3. Missing scenes. Again, since I know the story, there are times when I'm sure I've written a scene, only to discover that it's not there. Also, there are duplicate scenes, when I wrote a scene two ways, and couldn't decide which one I liked better, and now I can't find the duplicate scene to remove it, because so many things have been moved around.

Once we get those things fixed, I'll resubmit for my more standard problems. "Telling not showing" and using the same word umpteen times on a page.


  1. oooh now I have a place I can point at and say "see you wanted this!!"
    (insert evil laugh)

  2. Hey! Why aren't you working on Lighthouse? (insert my own evil laugh here)

  3. Good luck...I really like the name of your book btw.

  4. Good luck! I can't wait to hear more about it :)


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