Friday, October 22, 2010

New Opening Line

This is how it works for me. I get the opening and the story grows from it. So here's the new opening I got yesterday.

"I finally picked the guy I wanted to kill me. Finding a way to end my life was harder than you might imagine. I couldn't kill myself, because I didn't want friends or family to be the ones to find my body. I didn't want to hire someone, because what if the police thought my husband did the hiring? That would suck. I didn't just want to walk in front of an oncoming car and give some decent person nightmares for the rest of their life.

Nope, I needed to pick a jerk. A real scumbag, who wouldn't feel bad after mowing me down, and I wouldn't feel bad if he went to jail after killing me."

Ugh! Not another first person book! But I'm not sure the inner turmoil of the woman could be carried by third person. This one would probably go one of two ways. Either she finds a reason to live after all, or she discovers that the more you learn about a person, the more sympathy you have for them. So her "total scumbag" isn't as totally a scumbag as she first thought.

Eh, doesn't make me jump up and down. Let's see if it haunts me over the next few years.


  1. It sounds really interesting! I definitely want to see where this one goes! Why does she want to die????

  2. I think she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. One of those terrible diseases that steals who you are, has very little chance of getting a cure in her lifetime, and means you have to kill yourself while you still can, because you don't want to burden your family. (But also don't want to kill yourself too soon, while you're still having some good days.)


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