Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dulcinea - new book for the to do list?

This idea has been hanging around for a while. so I've finally decided to grant it status on my "to be done" list. It's called Dulcinea (may change this name).

It's a retelling of the story of Dulcinea after Don Quixote has been taken away and "made sane" again. While she thought she would be relieved once the crazy man who has made a havoc of her life has been taken away, she misses seeing the world through his eyes. She convinces Sancho Panza (who also finds life duller without the Don) into coming with her and rescuing the Don from the people that are "healing" him.

They arrive too late. Don Quixote is no more, and it is only Alonso Quixano that they find. They spend the rest of the book trying to get Alonso to turn back into Don Quixote.

Since it's a retelling, it won't be set in the same time and place, which means the names will have to be changed. I also kind of like the idea of setting it in the future. That's the bones, anyway. I'm not sure where I'll be going with it.


  1. The bones are you need! Just sit down and write. It will come to you. Very creative idea. Didn't you post before that if you hadn't a great idea, you should write it right away? :)

  2. Thanks Anna! I like this idea, but it has to get in line. First I have to finish Troll Wife. Then I have to work on the Clockwork Cat. Then I have to write The Monster of Dewsberry Drink. Then it's a toss up between Dulcinea, the cryptology thing, and the face blind thing.

    If Dulcinea can't be faithful to me and she finds some other writer that can write her right now, well I'll just have to deal. :)

  3. I LOVE how your brain works.
    Awesome idea.


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