Sunday, September 26, 2010

My First Page Review is Up

My second place winning entry in Anne Mini's contest is up and reviewed. I have to admit that I was so nervous, I had to ask my husband for stand-by emotional support, just in case. However, Anne was complimentary, clear and polite as always, and I was able to swallow the bitter pill of discovery that I still have problems with meeting formatting guidelines.

I swear I studied her guidelines until I thought I got them all right. "Whatever else may happen," I thought, "at least I won't be rejected for not following the guidelines." Oh well, live and (hopefully) learn.

Her kind words (she described my premise as "darned charming and full of potential") came at just the right time, too.


  1. What a nice compliment for your writing!

  2. Congrats!! Second place is awesome :)

    Oh and love the new look

  3. Congratulations on your contest! What a great opportunity to get constructive criticism. I don't mind the criticism so much as all the work it will take to fix it. :) After all the revisions I've done, I hate to have to go through it again.


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