Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scrivener Beta 1.3 is out

Just so you know, Scrivener for Windows Beta 1.3 came out this morning! You can find it here, but I believe you have to already be logged in to the forums in order to get there. (I'm sure all the Mac Scrivener users know that 2.0 came out a few days ago.)

Now there is an "About Scrivener" in the help menu, so you can see what version you're working with (very nice). It also fixes the disappearing indents problem and the lag problem. (I didn't notice the lag problem, which was related to how spell check was checking words while typing.) I love that it's fixed the disappearing indents problem. It wasn't a huge issue, but it bugged me.

They think they've also fixed the invisible text problem, but they're not sure, since they were never able to reproduce it. (This was a problem where the last part of what you had written seemed to disappear, even though it was really still there. You could go to "show invisible" and it would reappear, but it caused a few writerly heart attacks until that trick was discovered.

There are lots of other updates and changes listed in the link, but those struck me as the big ones. 

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