Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cutting and cutting some more

I've been sick since Wednesday. Not the flu, just an icky cold. So what should of, could of, would of been a four day weekend of writing has been mostly a four day weekend of whining, sneezing and sleeping. My husband did the grocery shopping for me, but today I had to do some banking.

While we were out, I figured I'd shave my head. My husband, wise man that he is, only said, "If that's what you want to do, I'll drive you over there". Once there, I backed off from totally shaving my head, and just had her take four inches off. (You've seen my pic, right? Now imagine that with four inches less hair.)

I can't decide if I like it or hate it. I hated my hair before, so even if I still hate it, now there is just less of it to hate :)


  1. Oh, girl. I did that once. Got myself a sort of flat-top, buzzcut thing. You are in for it with the growing it back out if you decide to go that route. I swear it took me 2 years. OK, I probably shouldn't be saying this. Am I freaking you out? I'm not a short-hair-liking person. At least not on myself. My hair tends to frizz out and if it's too short, I seriously look like I have a bad, bad, bad perm.

    But that's NOT what you're going to experience. Your short hair is no doubt sleek and stylish.

    Also, are you sure that this hair-cutting wasn't a sublimation for editing?

  2. I'm sure it was a sublimation for editing! :) I'm so close to the end of this round! Why is it taking me so long to do the last three chapters?

    Ahem, anyway, my hair is curly in some spots and straight in others. As revealed by this hair cut. I have discovered that if I only comb it when it's wet and leave it alone once it's dry, I have less frizz.

    It's just hair, and it will grow. (Public opinion is divided about 50/50 on whether they like it or not. My son just keeps saying. "Your hair! It's so short!" over and over and over, as only a teenager can.)


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