Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Which I Destroy My Blog

Sigh. Trying to change my template was a terrible, terrible exercise in failure. Unless my goal was to make all my blog posts appear twice on my blog, in which case, Epic Win!

Sigh. I've emailed Blogger. Someday they may even get back to me. In the meantime, I'm just hoping no one scrolls down that far.

You totally scrolled, didn't you? Well, guess what? I also somehow managed to duplicate my header. Now, you're going to look up, aren't you?


Update: Well, I managed to get rid of the duplicate header. The extra posts are still there, but hopefully, not as easy to see. I'll try and deal with this later.


  1. You know, it actually looks great to me! Did you fix it? Looks very cool. :)

  2. Thank you! I do love this template, but I was getting tired of it, which cause the whole problem. And I have now fixed the double post problem! Yay!

  3. It took me forever to figure out my background and all the accompanying crap that goes along with it! "I'm a writer not a web designer person!" I wanted to shout. Can't I just write what I want and dumb blogger can do it for me???

    Yours looks great though. :)

  4. Hi Rachel! Thank you :)

    The sad part is that I used to be a web designer. I just can't figure out why I keep removing the second block of posts, and Blogger keeps putting it back in.

    I love this template, but I really want to make one of my own. We'll see.

  5. I have had SO much problem with blogger lately! It's SO frustrating!


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